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LED industry Chinese lotus just buds

The support of national policy is the foundation of the development of a new industry, and it is because of the unlimited development potential of the LED industry itself that governments support the
Government guidance and regulation of LED industry development
The support of national policy is the foundation of the development of a new industry, and it is because of the unlimited development potential of the LED industry itself that governments support the policy support. However, the key materials such as LED chip materials are not enough, and the technical research is difficult to compare with foreign countries. The development of LED industry has caused large scale and large-scale investment in China, which has led to overheated investment in some areas.
These factors are superimposed with the shortage of funds faced by enterprises, so that the key technology of LED emerging industry is gradually controlled by foreign enterprises. Therefore, we find that it is not enough to rely solely on the government macro-control, such as Korea in this regard, the government and banks choose to unite, organize large enterprises to form the backbone of foreign trade, the establishment of the core development force of the industry. Looking back on China's LED situation, although in publicity on a large scale, but in the project funding support and financing channels are stretched, which will adversely affect the future development of the industry.
The United States is the implementation of the "technology driven market, accelerate market penetration, firmly grasp the core technology, the market profits in their own hands, the implementation direction is roughly the same as LED production in Japan, is a choice with technology as the research focus, which is the core of the development of LED industry in China is the lack of.
South Korea is another way, after the development of backlight, thus opening the LED domestic market, so that China has to pay attention to this big competitor, but the main difference between China and Korea is the direction of the domestic market. According to the forecast, China is the LED street lamp application big market, if can open this street lamp market, also must say is a kind of successful domestic sales.
The effect of industrial cluster is gradually emerging
Compared with the traditional LED light source has the superiority of the (There is nothing comparable to this long service life, low energy consumption, rich color, vibration resistance, environmental protection, etc.) has been gradually on the display, landscape comprehensive application and promotion get decoration, traffic lights, street lighting, automotive lighting, mobile phone keyboard and backlight and other fields, has a huge market space. In recent years, LED technology continues to progress, and constantly improve the luminous efficiency, gradual decline of large size led display price at the same time, LCD TV and large size LED backlight applications rapidly and widely used, so the demand for LED application market will also appear more substantial growth.
The huge LED application market provides a broad space for the development of upstream and downstream epitaxial wafers, chip production and downstream packaging devices.
From the development of domestic LED industry, there are four industrial agglomeration areas mainly in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai economic circle and Fujian Jiangxi region. The four industry areas cover the whole LED industry chain, each region is located in different industrial chain, and has its own characteristics in technology R & D, talent and product market positioning, and gradually shows the regional cluster effect.
While the price of LED chips is going down, the cost of energy saving lamps is rising sharply. Cost pressure of energy saving lamp accelerates the transformation from traditional lighting to LED. According to OFweek semiconductor lighting network understanding, in the first half of the country because of the total control of rare earth mining. Rare earth prices soared, leading to energy-saving lamp main raw material fluorescent powder prices rose more than 10 times. In the first half of last year to now, many companies export LED lamps are 100% growth.
And in recent years, the central and local governments have implemented a series of industrial planning and support policies to promote the development of solid-state lighting industry. China has become a global consumer of solid-state lighting and a major producer of LED TV. It is also the main driving force of today's high brightness LED demand.